Update on GSoC (May 7 - May 20)

20 May 2012

Though the coding period starts from 21st May, I have started working on new IDL as part of my project.
I started working from 7th May. My first try is to get Http connection data like- hostname, port, No. of active connections, No. of idle connections. In first week I was getting my head around how to create a new idl, xpcom module, etc. Later on I came to know that I don't have to create new module, I can add new idl to Network module. So, now I have created my new idl and implemented it in c++. Only thing lest is to test it and see if I am getting Http connection data in a javascript or not. But it's not that easy. It seams that firefox doesn't allow use of UniversalXPConnect in a normal javascript. So now I have two options, either use jsctypes(which will take me time to understand) or create an add on to access the idl. I am going with the latter. Right now I am facing some difficulties in developing new add on with a nightly build but I will get over it.

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